A Step Back in Time: Discovering Truman Annex in Key West

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Key West’s historic enclave is nestled on the island of Florida. It takes visitors through a time-traveling journey. Truman Annex blends rich American history with a modern charm. This hidden treasure in Key West preserves Key West’s past by preserving beautifully restored buildings and lush gardens. The ambiance is captivating and attracts both tourists and locals. In this article, you will learn more about the fascinating history, architecture, attractions, and other factors that make Truman Annex a popular destination among those looking for an authentic look into Key West’s past.

Architectural Heritage

Truman annex in Key West architecture is one of the most attractive features. The neighborhood features a range of beautifully restored houses that exhibit various architectural styles and reflect Key West’s evolution over time.

Colonial-style houses, adorned by charming verandas with white pickets fences, are reminiscent of Key West’s early days when the island served as a port and a shipbuilding center. These houses feature Bahamian-style architecture with wooden clapboard facades, high roofs, and breezy front porches.

With its meticulous preservation work, Truman Annex has preserved the authenticity of these architectural jewels. It transports visitors to a time gone by.

The Little White House

Truman Annex features the Little White House. President Harry S. Truman was a frequent visitor to this house during his presidency. Truman used the home as his winter retreat and refuge from the Oval Office.

Today, Little White House has transformed into a fascinating Museum that gives a peek into Truman’s life and the historic events that occurred during his presidency. Visitors can explore rooms where Truman made critical decisions, look at personal items, and learn about their significance in shaping U.S. history.

The Green Parrot Bar

Truman Annex, located just outside the neighbourhood’s boundaries, is a beloved institution that serves locals and tourists alike. Green Parrot Bar, just outside neighborhood boundaries, has served locals since 1890.

The GreenParrot, Key West’s “Oldest Bar,” has a quirky, relaxed vibe that perfectly captures the island spirit. Live music, friendly people, and an extensive selection of drinks make it a great place to visit for those who want to experience the contemporary charms of Key West.

Truman Annex’s Lush Gardens

Truman Annex gardens are lush and well-kept, contributing to its inviting and serene atmosphere. The landscaping in this community is reminiscent of Key West. It features swaying trees, vibrant flowers, and cascading bougainvillea.

You can find tranquility in the gardens and escape the bustle and noise of the city. Truman Annex boasts many homes that have gardens. The enchanting ambiance created by these private gardens complements and enhances the historical charm.


Truman Annex Key West, a unique destination, seamlessly blends Key West’s rich history with the modern appeal of this island. The meticulously preserved architectural sites and the historical landmarks in this neighborhood provide visitors with a glimpse of Key West’s fascinating past.

Truman Annex has a variety of experiences to offer, whether it is exploring the Little White House in its historic setting, taking in the natural beauty at Fort Zachary Taylor State Park, or experiencing the vibrant culture that Key West Harbor offers.

Truman Annex provides a glimpse into Key West’s fascinating history and its enduring charm.