How To Design A Logo That People Will Find Memorable?

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A graphic logo mat can be used to create brand images or convey messages. It acts on a subconscious level, so it isn't a direct advertisement or marketing tool. The graphic logo mat should be high quality. Otherwise, the effort would not bear any fruit. We have the technology as well as the support system to ensure that your corporate logo and any other shape, design, or message appears exactly the right way on the mat. Once we have received the artwork, our team will make sure that our logo mats not only meet hygiene requirements but also convey the brand message or message in the best possible manner.

How Would You Like Your Entryway To Look? 

Fundraising via Logo Mats

Custom rugs with logo could also be used as fundraising mats. These mats would have a very clear message and would get lots of responses. Fundraising logo mats can also be placed at churches and schools. These fundraising logo mats will undoubtedly draw attention.

Customized Logo Door Mat

Logo mats can both be indoor or outdoor and can be customized to meet your needs. You should ensure that your logo mat does NOT restrict door movement. It must also not fold each time the door is opened. Most mats in the entry category are 1/2" or less. To help avoid the obstruction of the door's movement, a stack of playing cards is an option. Place the stack of cards about 6 inches below the door. Open the door slowly. The bottom of it will push away any cards which are higher than its base. The remaining cards can be taken out, placed on a table, and measured the height. Once you've measured the height, you can determine the ideal height for your logo doormat.

There are many colors available to choose from to make sure your logo mat accurately represents your company. We offer every support possible to ensure that our customer's satisfaction is maintained throughout the relationship.

Upload Artwork

You can upload two versions of the program of the artwork that will be printed on your custom logo Floormats. One low-resolution image that can be viewed on screen, and one high-resolution file for printing your logo floor mat.

You may request proof for the logo floor mat. This will be returned within 48 hours of your artwork submission. The first proof logo ground mat will come with one correction. Email us with any questions about the custom logo flooring mats.

You can log into our website to begin processing your order for custom-logo floor mats. We can take any art you have and make a beautiful custom floor mat for your needs.

A Long Life Expectancy

Keep your logo floor mats clean in order to preserve their durability. A dirty logo floor mat will ruin the look of your logo and may not convey the message you intended. A mat can get much dirtier in high-traffic areas. Logo mats should always be vacuumed regularly with a standard upright vacuum. The cleaning chart can be viewed on our website. Mats should not be left to deteriorate or become darker in color. Clean, well-maintained logo mats will make a positive impression on your visitors and enhance the effectiveness of your communication.