Top 6 Attractions In Cairns That Your Whole Family Will Love

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Cairns is a great place to go on a family holiday. How do they know? You could say that because we’ve been there so frequently, we’re experts when it comes local tourism.

We’ve put together a list that will prove it. Go to one of these attractions. We dare you to tell you that we are wrong.

Cairns Esplanade

Let’s begin in the heart Cairns: the Cairns Esplanade. The area is full of boardwalks and walkways so that the entire family can enjoy the view and marvel at the surrounding lush vegetation. If walking bores you, your kids can bring along their rollerblades , skateboards , or bikes.

You can let your toddlers enjoy the Muddy’s Playground if they are part of the family! It’s a great spot for your preschoolers to expend their youthful energy.

Mom and Dad can also take advantage of the free classes. There are Zumba classes as well as Aqua Aerobics (Mumbalates) and Aqua Aerobics. It’s perfect if your goal is to shed some unwanted fats.

Esplanade Lagoon

An enormous man-made lagoon lies adjacent to the Cairns Esplanade. Here, children can go paddling through the water. The lagoon measures only 1.5 meters in depth so make sure you keep an eye out for your kids. It is open to everyone and it’s completely free!

Tjapukai Aboriginal Culture Park

This is the best place to start your children in the culture of the native people. It’s not too late, parents, to catch up on historical events!

Tjapukai culture, which includes boomerangs and spear throwing as well as cooking with bush-plants, is open to all members of the family. The park is easily accessible and can be found in Central Cairns.

Fitzroy Island

Fitzroy Island lies just 45 minutes from Cairns. It’s a relaxing cruise to reach the island that every member of your family will enjoy.

There are many things to do once you get there. You can take a hike through the lush vegetation of the island, or you can set up a picnic and watch your children make sandcastles right by the beach.

Fitzroy Island has a turtle rehabilitation center that allows you to meet turtles in person. It’s also an excellent way to teach children about protecting the environment as well as our wild neighbors.

Great Barrier Reef

Fitzroy Island: The Great Barrier Reef might be worth a visit! This World Heritage-listed tourist attraction can be found just a stone’s throw from Fitzroy Resort.

Family activities include snorkelling, scuba-diving, kayaking and just observing the sea life from your glass bottom boats.

Cairns Whitsundays (or Port Douglas) are all great jump-off places to reach this reef.

Kuranda Scenic Railway

Get a taste of the past with the Kuranda Scenic Railway, a century-old train system! This train will take your through the rainforests, mountains and back. The last stop is Kuranda, where kids can get souvenirs and enjoy delicious delicacies.

This small community also hosts the Australian butterfly sanctuary. A side trip to the largest butterfly garden in the southern half of the hemisphere is recommended. Admire the majestic flight patterns and colorful wings of thousands species of butterflies as you visit the sanctuary.

It’s also a place where you can find over 4000 chrysalises or caterpillars. You and your children will be able to learn a lot more about the life cycles of butterflies.