How often should you detail your car?

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The vehicles we drive are a reflection about us. Our style, tastes and perceptions of the world reflect our values. If your car is clean and well-maintained, it will show those around you that the owner takes care of you and is committed to looking your best.

How often should you still have details done, though? Is there a limit to how much you should be doing?

While it’s recommended to have your car detailed every 4 to 6 months, which may include not only the exterior but also the main driving area and items like wheels, there are three primary factors that should be considered: style, personal taste, and cost.


Lifestyle is about how active your lifestyle is and what you do in your car.

  • Do you regularly take your car to the shops?
  • Do you like to travel in the harshest weather conditions?
  • Place it underneath a tree branch that is full of leaves and dust.

This determines the condition of your car and how often you may need to clean it.


Personal style can be defined as how you present and present yourself.

  • Do you want to be a true enthusiast and excel in your chosen field?
  • Are you the casual type that likes your car looking great but is more laid-back?

It’s all about how frequently you want it cleaned.


Last, but not least, comes the cost.

  • What value do your car’s appearance have on you?
  • Is it something that you have the money to invest in two to three times each year?

These questions will help you get a better sense of how often your car needs to be detailed.